Window Repair & Replacement in Salt Lake City, UT

The Glass Company is a family-owned business that repairs and replaces windows and mirrors in Salt Lake City, Utah. We have been serving the Salt Lake City area since 1979. So, you can count on our expertise for the best services at competitive prices. While we provide glass services for residential properties, much of our work is done for commercial establishments such as landlords, property management companies, restaurants and store chains.
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Glass Windows - Home Windows in Salt Lake City, UT
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Window Repair - Residential Windows in Salt Lake City, UT

In-Shop, Same-Day Service

Ask about our in-shop, same-day service for single-pane and clear non-tempered insulated units.

Broken or shattered glass is dangerous and can damage your property. That's why we provide in-shop, same-day service because your safety and protection are important to us. We also realize that damaged windows can lower the efficiency of your home or business if not repaired quickly.
We are a licensed, certified, and insured locally owned company.
Contact The Glass Company today at 801-972-2477 for all of your glass service needs.